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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking right now. miracle in the rubble. a 2-week-old baby girl, plucked by rescue workers and swaddled in blankets, after 47 hours buried alive in near freezing conditions. we're live at the quick epicenter. and rina turns into a category 2 in the caribbean. it could be headed to florida. sam is tracking the storm. race against time. police retrace their steps to find baby lisa. interrogating key eyewitnesses. are they any closer to figuring out who this mystery man is? and mad maks. tensions flare over in the ballroom. >> i've been in this business
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for 50 years. >> for everybody. because everybody's putting a lot of effort. >> why he lashed out against the judges, accusing them of playing favorites. all the scoop on the most heated show this season. good morning, everyone. you called him mad maks. >> you know maks. >> i do. he is passionate. hope looked mortified. we'll get into all that. >> carson kressley will weigh in. look at these northern lights, over half of the united states last night. st gorgeous. wisconsin. all the way down, south as far as kentucky, arkansas, tennessee. we'll have a little more on that. those are just gorgeous. >> i can't remember them going so far south. we're going to turn to the latest in the trial of michael
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jackson's doctor, conrad murray. the jury getting ready to hear more from the nurse where the pop star repeatedly asked her for propofol to help him sleep. first, josh elliott with the morning's breaking stories. >> good morning, all of you. we're going to begin in eastern turkey. two days after that massive earthquake struck, a miracle in the rubble. a 2-week-old baby pulled alive from a collapsed building. rescuers try valiantly to search hundreds of pancaked buildings for survivors. the death toll has skyrocketed to 366. abc's alex marquardt is in the city of urges this morning. >> reporter: some 80 buildings collapsed, including this 1 behind me, which was mostly an apartment building. rescuers think there's still 20 people buried beneath that rubble. but just an hour ago, we saw
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rescuers pull out that 2-week-old baby after being buried for 47 hours. babies are remarkably resilient. and now, the search is underway for her mother and other family members. rescuers are asking for complete silence every ten minutes so they can listen for voices below. and unfortunately, rescue stories like the one we just saw are few and far between. most are being pulled out of the rubble are being pulled out dead. and officials say that search and rescue operations may end as soon as today. as you can see, the rain has started, which will make things worse. people are walking around here crying and looking stunned. if you ask them if they think people will still be found alive, they say, god willing. josh? >> precious hope. overseas, former dictator moammar gadhafi has been laid to rest in a secret location in the libyan desert. his body, along with those of his son and top aide were moved
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from a commercial freezer where they've been on display. only a few friends and family members actually attended the traditional muslim burial. the other big story this morning, hurricane rina, the sixth hurricane of the season, has just strengthened to a category 2 storm as it eyes mexico. sam champion tracking this storm has the latest. sam? >> good morning, josh. this is rina, by the way. more than 500 miles across, filling the gap between the yucatan peninsula and cuba. it's a very powerful storm system. hasn't gotten an eye yet. but able to gain category 2 strength in materially morning hours. supposed to be a 3 by thursday. but the modeling has this curving toward cuba, possibly south florida. we have to keep an eye on rina. josh? >> okay, sam. two teenagers are in police custody after a school shooting in north carolina. the victim, a 15-year-old girl,
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was shot in the neck outside the cafeteria at cape fear high school. surveillance video showed the two suspects with a rifle inside the school. one is 18. he'll be in court today. the other, just 15, will be charged as a juvenile. the victim is in stable condition. and for the second time in just the last week, the major airlines are raising fares. united and continental were the first to announce the round-trip fare hike to $10. this morning, delta, american, and u.s. air have matched it. domestic fares have surged as much as $80 on the year. and the texas rangers now a game away from their first world series title. there's mike napoli. a two-run double into the gap in right center. it capped the late rally last night. the rangers beat the cardinals, 4-2. game six, tomorrow night in st. louis. and what a series it has been. and what a rare treat for stargazers across the midwest and parts of the deep south. we saw at the top of the show.
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take another look. the northern lights. not very northern. they're seen for hundreds of miles. weatherunderground showing this particular show. when the sun interacts with the earth's magnetic field. >> sam told you that. >> wow. >> i provide all. >> all right, josh and sam. now, to the latest in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. the defense now taking their turn, portraying the pop star as desperate for sleep. jim avila has been covering this from the beginning. and he's in los angeles with the latest. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. conrad murray's first day of his defense. and his attorneys reveal their strategy, portraying michael jackson as a desperate man, awake nights and out of money. looking for an anesthetic answer
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for his sleep problems, long before conrad murray enters the picture. six witnesses the first day. and new surveillance video that shows dr. murray arriving at the jackson mansion the morning of the singer's death. the jackson entourage minutes later. conrad murray's attorney unfazed about its outright rejection to dismiss. asking for a judgment verdict, after the prosecution had no witnesses. the judge denying the motion, ruling that a reasonable jury could find the defendant guilty. and the could would conclude there is substantial evidence to support it. so, the trial continues. the defense attempting to show through another jackson doctor, allen metsker, was that propofol was jackson's idea, not conrad murray's. but on cross-examination, prosecutors hammered away that jackson was a patient, a rich
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patient, but one a doctor could still say no to. >> once michael jackson inquired about intravenous sleep medication, you explained to him that it was dangerous and should not be done outside a hospital. >> that's correct. >> did you ever dpif him propofol? >> never. >> would there any amount of money that would you would give him propofol? >> absolutely none. >> reporter: orlando martinez, one of the main investigating dr. murray. saying that about toe alvarez tried to hide medication. >> he said put these in a bag. >> reporter: on the stand, detective martinez admitted the guard did not mention that the day of jackson's death. >> did you hear mr. alvarez mention anything about putting away vials for dr. murray? >> no. >> reporter: now, the defense may run into some problems for finishing its portrayal of michael jackson.
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the judge is holding a hearing on future witnesses today. witnesses the defense wants to talk about, financial problems and drug dependency. issues the judge has ruled irrelevant. robin? >> all right, jim. thank you. dan abrams now. the defense under way. and so much evidence, so much testimony stacked against them. did they make any headway yesterday? >> it's an interesting defense. what they're going to be saying is, there's michael jackson shopping around for a doctor, a nurse, somebody to give him propofol. the point of the defense is, this is a guy who is desperate, who would do anything. and the defense is, that he may have administered it to himself. he may have taken other drugs when dr. murray wasn't watching. the problem is, the same doctors are saying, no. i wouldn't give it to him, which goes to the other point in this case, which is negligence. which is what the heck was dr. murray doing giving him propofol at all? it really is a double-edged sword as the defense moves forward. >> this isn't a malpractice
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case. that would be kind of easy. the nurse will be back on the stand today. what do you expect? >> she's sort of a reluctant witness to be there. this is a witness that was sad that michael jackson was asking her for an i.v. and other things that she didn't want to do. but the defense is in this spot where they somehow have to demonstrate that michael jackson could have done this on their own. i don't think they have a real shot when it comes to the issue of gross negligence. i think the prosecution has demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt, that he behaved in a way that was grossly negligent, in my opinion. the real shot will be the cause is it possible that michael jackson could have ingested drugs on his own? is it possible that michael jackson could have upped the amount of propofol? is there any reasonable doubt as to that? that's the only shot i think the defense has. >> the fact they changed the theory a little bit. first, they said he ingested it.
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no, he injected it. does that play with the jury at all? >> i don't think it will be a big issue with the jury. but it shows the problem the defense is having with this particular line. >> more today. dan, thanks very much. george? >> thanks, robin. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. and texas governor, rick perry. after his plunge in the polls, he's plotting a comeback with new faces on his campaign, new ads in iowa and a new tax plan he is rolling out today. jon karl is here with more on that. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. perry hopes that the campaign changes and his tax plan will reverse his slide in the polls. but he's sure to face controversy about new comments he made about the president's birth certificate. during the last debate, perry promised he would have something to compete with herman cain's 9-9-9 plan. >> i'll bump plans with you, brother. we'll see who has the best idea on how you get this country working again. >> reporter: perry's plan, a flat tax. allowing anyone, regardless of
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income, to pay one tax rate of 20%. your first $12,500 in income would be exempt. mortgage interest and charitable contributions would be deductible, but only for households under $500,000. other tax breaks and loopholes would be eliminated. >> it's time for a change. >> reporter: perry's flat tax would be optional. if you want to stay in the current system, you can. perry is borrowing a plan from steve forbes. he ran and lost on a flat tax in 1996. now, he's supporting perry. >> a capital creator. job creator. that's why i'm backing perry for president. >> reporter: four years ago, mitt romney sharply criticized the idea of a flat tax as a windfall to the wealthy, who see their income tax rates go down and would no longer pay taxes on most of their investments. >> the very, very wealthy, the people who sit back and clip coupons and have investments, would pay no taxes at all.
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>> reporter: most of perry's wounds have been self-inflicted. in an interview with "parade" magazine, he cited donald trump. and doubted whether barack obama was born in the united states. that prompted a sharp rebuke from karl rove. >> you associate yourself with a nutty view like that and you damage yourself. >> reporter: perry is doubling down on that birther issue. saying in an interview out this morning, quote, it's a good issue to keep alive. it's fun to poke at him. with in a, george, rick perry is the only candidate in this republican race for the nomination to question the president's birth status. >> meanwhile, another campaign heating up the twittersphere overnight and youtube. the ad from herman cain's manager, unpolished. it's something you don't expect to see in a political ad. take a look. >> we need you to get involved because together, we can do this. we can take this country back. ♪
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>> reporter: it's entirely random, george. i don't think i've seen another political campaign ad or video that features somebody smoking in many, many, many years, if ever. but cain's campaign is nothing, if not unconventional. >> no. but it's head of the restaurant association, cain did work with the tobacco industry to fight smoking bans. thanks very much. let's turn, now, to the hunt in texas for a serial rapist who police say may be targeting women from the same college sorori sorority. women are being cautioned to take extra precautions right now. ryan owens has more from there. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: it's pretty remarkable. the national sorority is warning members not to display greek letters. no sweatshirts. no bumper stickers. that's because police say this man is targeting the sorority. and no one is sure how or why.
7:15 am
three police departments are desperate to find this one man. cops don't know who he is. but say he seems to know a lot about the women he's accused of raping. this man seemed to know some information about them, right? >> apparently, he knows them or something about them, the nature of how he knows them, we're still trying to investigate that and find out why. >> reporter: here's what police do know. the four attacks happened in dallas suburbs over the last 11 months. all four women are african-american. in their mid-50s to mid-60s, and were assaulted at night at their homes. all were members of the delta sigma theta sorority. >> this is an unusual rapist because rapists don't target specific people for a reason. >> reporter: police aren't sure how he's choosing his victims. but the sorority's national headquarters in washington isn't
7:16 am
taking any chances. warning north texas women not to wear their greek letters. and to remove key chains and bumper stickers. the predominantly black sorority has a proud history. boasting 1 million members. among them, the first black woman to serve in congress. the first black female general in the u.s. army. and plenty of famous faces, from natalie cole to aretha franklin. police here say their suspect shouldn't be hard to find. he's a very big man, almost 300 pounds. as you saw, they caught him on tape. now, they'd like to put him in cuffs. >> and soon. thank you very much. a health alert now. and new developments concerning the hpv vaccine. it's recommended for girls to prevent cervical cancers. and today, it will be decided
7:17 am
whether to recommend it for boys, as well. it looks like the cdc will recommend it for boys? >> i think they will. we know this virus causes genital warts. and more importantly, cervical cancer. in boys, they are finding it can cause neck and throat cancer. when the vaccine was approved, the information wasn't there. with this information, i expect they will move in that direction. >> you are personally convinced. you had your two boys vaccinated. >> i did. when i first researched this story and reporting on this, i met a man who developed stage 4 throat cancer. talking to him and his experience and his experience with his family, it was clear to me there was benefit to boys. and this summer, i had my sons. >> and the evidence that it prevents cervical cancer in girls is pretty powerful. yet, we haven't seen the vaccination rate go up. >> it's under 50%.
7:18 am
this isn't the first vaccine for cancer. hepatitis b vaccine is for cancer. it's not the first vaccine for a sexually-transmitted disease. but this forces parents when they have 11-year-olds or 12-year-olds, to think about their children's future sex life. and that's a hard conversation for a lot of parents to have. i think a lot of them are avoiding it and avoiding that vaccine. >> it can prevent heart disease in women, as well. >> new study out. interesting. first one to link this virus to heart disease in women. if that holds up, it could open up a new strategy for prevention. now, let's get the weather from sam. >> good morning, george. we're going to start with the fact that it was 80 degrees in dinner have on monday. and tonight, there's a winter storm warning. this is a big change. we're upping the snowfall totals in that area today. 6 to 12 inches of snow. look at the warning areas shaded in purple there and the watches shaded in blue. from aspen to denver. and the foothills, probably two feet of snow.
7:19 am
not the earliest snow in denver. but a big turnaround from monday. the heat in the deep south. midland, 87. atlanta, 75. jacksonville, at 78 during the day today. a beautiful sunrise over the bed but the sun is not up yet. you concede they aren't along the horizon. just about to pop up
7:20 am
there. 43 degrees in gaithersburg and culpeper 41 and some patchy fog here and there but otherwise a clear day and temperatures where they should in the mide of year, 60's later today. the best chance of rain this thursday and much cooler by >> and that wild shot of northern lights comes from a caronal mass ejection. it pushes off the sun and heads for the planet. a wild shot. >> we are all set. coming up on "gma," police track down eyewitnesses to track down baby lisa. can they solve the mystery of who this man is? and jennifer lopez's emotional moments on stage, with a backup dancer that looks like her ex-husband. now, she tells us what really brought her to tears.
7:21 am
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. at 7:26 and this tuesday, october 25. i am scott thuman. america and scientist is rescued after suffering an of the southke
7:27 am
being treated at johns hopkins in baltimore she at dulles international airport last night. be thought she would ago butd out weeks conditions delayed her departure. newschannel 8 will have more of coming up ineport a few minutes. the d.c. and federal toernments are teaming up help unemployed veterans find jobs. todaywill be a job fair the boys and girls club of washington in southeast d.c.. mayor vincent gray and other city and federal officials will speak at the event. let's check in the morning commute. there is a truck burning and go live to newschopper7 ondavid skindell maryland, 50 west. -- david 7ville, maryland. they will have to stay on the
7:28 am
scene for a while. racks ond 395 has two street bridge which are now gone. good thing those car wrecks gone. degrees in the district. 52 degrees in annapolis and pretty uniform temperatures. we are on our way to the mid 60's. we are right on par with temperatures this time of year have a beautiful day. warmer tomorrow and temperatures will take a friday and weekend. the best chance of rain is thursday. that cover joining us and we atl be back
7:29 am
7:30 am
jennifer lopez on stage in connecticut. her backup dancers looked just like her exs. and now, she's talking about what really made her so emotional. that's ahead. and new details in the search for baby lisa. while police are going back to key witnesses. right now, we're going to have the latest from kansas city in a moment. so much drama in the ballroom. ricki and derek soaring to the top of the leaderboard. and maks unleashing his anger on the judges for -- he says playing favorites. we'll talk about that with carson kressley. he's calling it maksgate. we begin with the search for
7:31 am
baby lisa. now, more than three weeks since she disappeared. and this morning we're learning that police has gone back and reinterviewed a man who saw a man walking with a baby the night that lisa disappeared. matt gutman is here. good morning, matt. >> reporter: entering a fourth week. police aren't saying much. but they're going back to whatever leads they have. we followed up on two eyewitnesses who claimed to see baby lisa in the arms of a man they fear abducted her. short on leads and evidence, police are retracing their steps. >> i looked at him. >> reporter: how old was the baby? >> about the size of the one that's missing. >> reporter: going back to mike thompson, the eyewitness who claims to have spotted baby lisa, carried by a man down this street, a few miles from the family's home. >> yesterday, they showed me -- i think it was six pictures. >> reporter: did you pick one
7:32 am
out? >> i picked the man they've been showing pictures of. >> reporter: abc news has learned that man has been interviewed by police multiple times. we also went back with the very same picture to an eyewitness that lives just three houses away from baby lisa's parents, and who claims to have seen the same thing several hours earlier. a lone man walking a nearly naked baby in the middle of the street. >> i don't recognize him. >> reporter: similar sighting, very different i.d. >> he was tall and slender. probably we thought he was bald because we seen a shiny head. >> reporter: the cloud of mystery is ever over this case. >> while i'm sure the authorities are looking into these sightings, and they could be an important lead. but you have to remember that eyewitness testimony is never as certain as it seems. >> reporter: still, the family attorney who insists baby lisa's
7:33 am
parents, deborah bradley and jeremy irwin, are free of wrongdoing, wants others to come forward. >> it's going to be one tip. one tip is going to change everything and hopefully bring her home. >> reporter: up to 3,500 children abducted since 1990, the vast majority were returned to their families. >> the typical profile of an abductor of an infant is a woman. usually an emotionally disturbed woman who lost a child or wants a child for some reason. >> reporter: but police scrutiny falls on the house behind me. deborah bradley's shifting time line, and out of place comments. but the family continues to insist they are cooperating with police. for more, we're joined by the attorney for baby lisa's
7:34 am
parents, joe tacapino. can you tell us what your clients are doing for police right now? >> anything they ask. and it's maddening to hear the police spokesperson come out there and say that the family and leads and the status of the investigation. and he comes out and makes statements. frankly, they've done everything they've been asked to do. they've consented to every search they've been asked to consent for. they sat down to 16 hours of interviews. they have nothing to hide and want answers. when they ask for something, they've gotten it. >> to be clear on this right now, they're agreeing to questioning right now? no restrikctions on the questioning right now? >> there's a restriction i'm posing. a question in good faith. the mother who is missing her 10-month-old baby, sit tong floor trembling, as the father calls 911. within an hour of that, the police are interviewing her,
7:35 am
interrogating her and accuse her of murder. can you imagine? the woman was looking to the police officers to give her answers to find her baby. being accused of murder within an hour without a stitch of evidence because that's what statistics say. and that's not good investigatory tactics. >> i take your point on that. i want to clear this up. are you saying, the police is saying we want to talk to the couple today, no questions off the table. your clients will say yes? >> absolutely. as long as the investigators doing the questioning are ones who have not previously determined guilt before having a stitch of evidence. we want a fair investigation. if there's someone out there, the investigators and the fbi involved now. some agents want to interview here and ask questions regarding anything that night, she will answer them because she wants to put it to rest any notion that she had anything to do with this. i think we focus on, more importantly, three witnesses who see a baby in the middle of the night with a diaper on, walking with a man on the street in october.
7:36 am
>> do you have anything more on those witnesses? we just saw in the piece, on the one hand their stories are consistent, they saw a man. on the other hand, there seems to be a different i.d. for who that man might be. >> you know, i heard dan's comments about eyewitness liability. and i guess in part, that's true. but you know, as far as who the man might be, that's not the crucial point. i think the crucial point, three individuals, unconnected to each other, miles apart, sort of showing a pattern of walking away from the house, saw a male, who has the same body frame. forget about the racial characteristics, with a baby, with no clothes on but a diaper, at midnight, 2:00 in the morning and 4:00 a.m., walking in october. that should raise the red flags to anyone out there really trying to do an investigation that includes a hunt for lisa. and hopefully, an alive and well lisa. >> i think it did for all of us.
7:37 am
now that they've been released an fbi cadaver dogs picked up the scent of a dead body in the parents' bedroom. what was your clients' reaction to that? >> that can't be. that can't be because she was in the bedroom with her two boys. when you look a little further into it, it really isn't what you just said, george. it's not picked up the scent of a dead body. that's not what a cadaver dog does. i consulted with the top cadaver dog expert in the country. while they're very useful, they detect decomposing human remains. any decomposition of human remains. what that can include, is fecal matter. the sort of things you find in a baby's diaper. toenail clippings. decomposition of human remains can be a host of things. that's why the dogs, very important, are investigatory by nature. you don't hook your case on a
7:38 am
dog wags his tail in a bedroom. they're good investigatory tools. but they're not, by any stretch, evidence that there was a dead body in that room. that's not what the dogs are detecting. they are detecting decomposing human remains. >> thank you very much. sam? >> george, we've got to talk this morning about something that's just coming to light. now, we all remember that earthquake and tsunami that happened in japan back in march. but what no one has been talking about until today, there are about 5 tons to 20 million tons of debris that washed off off the coast of japan into the ocean. that debris is flowing towards hawaii and the western coast of the u.s. houses, boats, cars, and entire neighborhoods pulled out to sea. the dramatic images seen in march when a devastating tsunami hit japan. and now, all of that debris is on a direct collision course with the pacific coast of the
7:39 am
u.s. up to 20 million tons of garbage, possibly toxic, floating in an area estimated to be twice the size of texas. and it may be coming sooner than expected. >> across the wide pacific, the average drift rate is 5 miles to 10 miles a day. >> reporter: early models predicted that wouldn't hit the u.s. for two to five years. but a new model carried the debris 300 miles ahead of schedule. just off the coast of midway, 1,700 miles from hawaii. the new pictures show what the crew found suns they hit the 1,000-mile-long mass of debris. look at this fishing boat, marked fukushima. they sailed through everything, from appliances, furniture, televisions, and anything that could have floated away that day, now, headed straight for hawaii. and the scale of that debris is just astounding. now, as a loyal "gma" viewer, you know we've been talking
7:40 am
about the garbage problem in the pacific for a long time. this is additional garbage washed off the shores of japan. this is going to be a problem for two to three years. a really difficult thing to clean up. we'll be watching it for you. here's what it looks like on the west coast weather. redding, san francisco, and cooler in the northwest today. now, we have a shot of cold air that goes through chicagoland. 73 today. look at 49 on thursday. this is the push of winter air that brings the snow to denver and cold here is a look at the seven- lot ofecast -- a highs in they and mid 60's. warmer and oure rain comes on thursday and behind that cold >> and all of america's weather is brought to you by capital one. george and robin? >> thank you, sam. coming up, new details on
7:41 am
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we're back at 7:44. and more, now, on the story we first told you about on monday. jennifer lopez, overcome with emotion, at her weekend concert in connecticut. now, she's speaking out about what really made her tear up. and abc's andrea canning has been following this one. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
7:45 am
it was an interesting night at that concert. and she seemed to have braced her tears afterwards. her emotion was about her breakup, which she incorporated into the show. even some of her fans were crying. jenny from the block is back. wowing the crowd, j. lo style, at this concert in connecticut. and it took an emotional turn. jennifer lopez seemed to reminisce about the loves she had. and had lost. >> you've all lost, right? >> reporter: stories that include four engagements and three divorces. the most recent was announced in july, with marc anthony. during the song "until it beat no, sir more," she had backup dancers resembling her exs. it appeared to bring lopez to
7:46 am
tears. >> everybody got up and gave her a standing ovation. and i think, you know, she felt the love from the crowd, so that she got more overwhelmed. >> it was nice. everybody was yelling. we love you, j. lo. >> reporter: she explained why she welled up during an interview with "extra." >> i'm just a regular, you know, person, like everybody else. i have feelings and emotions. my life goes great. and it goes not great sometimes. and it is what it is. you know what? we keep going. >> reporter: but she could have a new love to help her get over her past ones. most recently, she's been spotted around the block with actor bradley cooper. ♪ >> reporter: still, in order to get the fairy tale, you have to be good with yourself before you can share your life with someone else. she is at a stage with her life that is, quote, hot, loud on the floor, and sexy. thoughts, robin? >> i thought you were going to
7:47 am
say loud, hot and sexy. all right, andrea. thank you. coming up, the wedding that was almost gone with the wind. josh has "the play of the day." and maks, up to follow. carson kressley is going to be along to talk about what he is carson kressley is going to be along to talk about what he is referring to as maksgate. almost a princess. that's the last tiara. get it. [ female announcer ] just go to walgreens where it's easy to find all the candy, plus fun costumes and halloween favorites like reese's peanut butter cups, snickers bars, and cheetos snacks for the party. right now, select snack size candies just $1.99. shopping simplified. with walgreens, there's a way.
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7:51 am
now, here's "the play of the day." >> seriously? >> thus far. >> you heard of people getting swept off their feet, in love and -- well, that's almost what happened to gus and jennifer luna. when a dust storm rolled through on their wedding day. you know this. sam, what do you think here? >> i would say that's about a 20-mile-per-hour breeze. >> breeze. >> breezy, but you can fight through. >> oh. >> right now, doing the sand
7:52 am
ceremony. >> oh. it's blowing hard. are you serious? >> look at the trees shake. >> so -- >> they kept going? >> they kept going. soldiering through all the way to the moment -- watch. >> let's go. >> i wonder if it's like when it rains, maybe this is extra good luck. >> oh. >> too much luck for one couple. >> oh. >> you want your wedding to be memorable. >> it shall be. with a sandstorm. more on that after the break. coming up, the man behind elmo. and the drama on the dance floor. and the drama on the dance floor. lots more to get to. and start loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. is 7:56 lummis tuesday, october 25. i am scott thuman. jury selection resumes today in the murder trial of norwood charged with murray at the bethesda lululemon store back in march. being pool of jurors is to 12 and five alternates. newschannel 8 will have an in- report at the top of the hour. the man at the center of the scandal is scheduled
7:57 am
in court this morning. expected to beis with aed on driving suspended maryland license and obey officers. was arrested during a traffic stop in northwest last month. let's check the roadways with lisa baden. there's a complicated truck for and here is a video annapolis tof the davidsonville. the contents of the tractor- trailer is on fire. was down 50 to 424 : has the shoulder open. virginia, delays are leaving the belt way off and on to the 14th street bridge. a gorgeous day to day, a great late october day with a over the bed.hine 50 degrees at reagan national. for the most part, upper 40's.
7:58 am
this afternoon, mid 60's later of sunset and to parley cloudy and a little warmer and by thursday is best chance of rain and cooler by friday. thank you for joining us and have another update at 8:27. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance comompay but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue.e. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] people come from all over the country to broadway. it was broadway night on "dancing with the stars" last night. quick steps and quick tempers. j.r. and karina wowing everyone. he stays near the stop of the leaderboard. the audience loved his dance. len did not. and that led to a little blow joup. we have carson kressley here, live this morning, with what went down in the ballroom last night. >> and carson was also the creative director for the group dance. he gave a little flare to all of
8:01 am
them. and we're going to talk to the man behind elmo. the master puppeteer. we're going to meet that man coming up. >> good morning. what are you talking about? >> it's all about you, elmo. we're talking about you. >> good. >> hi, elmo. >> you -- i'm trying to be you. >> very dapper. >> i just love you, elmo. thank you. are you jealous? >> josh is trying to boot you off the stage. >> how are you, mr. josh? >> i love you, elmo. >> elmo love you, too. >> it's like the tickle me robin. >> maybe i'll dress as elmo for halloween. >> really? >> oh.
8:02 am
segue? >> we'll talk more about that later. we're also going to talk about costumes you probably wouldn't want to wear, elmo. this is a new trend. costumes that are gorier and racier than ever. would you let your little one trick or treat in these? >> no. >> agreed, elmo. it might be a frightening trend. we'll talk about that coming up. elmo wants to do the news. we'll bring in josh. >> is that good? >> you can do it. >> we have some great stuff here. we're going to begin with what's being called just that, a miracle, in turkey, where the death toll from sunday's earthquake has shot up to 360. this morning, a 2-week-old baby was found alive after spending 47 hours under the wreckage of an apartment building. she was wrapped in a blanket and handed over to a medic. newborns have a remarkable ability to survive calamity. they have extra body fat to help them survive without food.
8:03 am
and now, rescuers are trying to reach the baby's mother and grandmother, also trapped under the wreckage. both are believed to be alive. and we will have that information as it comes available. meanwhile, classes will resume this morning under tight security at a north carolina high school, where a student was shot outside of the cafeteria monday. she is in stable condition after surgery. the two boys are in custody. the investigators don't believe the girl was the intended target. there's no word on a motive. a committee at the centers for disease control are thought to be recommending that boys take the hpv vaccine. critics argue the vaccine encouragiing promiscuity. and support may be growing for an idea to phase out the $1 bill and replace it with a $1 coin. the new government report
8:04 am
estimates the move would save $5 billion over the next 30 years because coins don't have to be replaced like paper dollars do. the supercommittee, which is looking at ways to reduce the deficit, is reportedly considering the idea. netflix is being punished even more severely than we thought in the wake of its very unpopular price increase. the video subscription service has now lost 800,000 customers, far more than expected. as a result, its stock has plummeted nearly 30%. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello, josh. hello, everyone. a good morning, america. so many people wrote us about the debt they're trying to pay off because of their college education, those loans. some up to $100,000. we went in search of relief. we have a big, new report tonight. be sure to watch "world news." we'll see you then. last week, we showed you a kayaker that got up close and
8:05 am
personal with a blue whale. look at another awesome encounter with the largest creature the earth has ever known. a blue whale, causing a frenzy when it looked at a group of whale watchers off of southern california, that got their money's worth. 80 feet long. it approaches the boat and gets eye-to-eye with them. that right there is a group that's going to go back and sell, sell, sell, this whale-watching thing. that's unbelievable. yes. >> i can play with big bird. >> you want to stick around for "the pop news heat index"? >> yes. ear muffs on the first story. >> all right. i will hum. >> good morning, everybody. actress lindsay lohan, supposed to be doing community service at the l.a. county morgue. but reportedly, she found time to do a little moonlighting, no
8:06 am
pun intended. posing for a "playboy" pictorial, for a reported $1 million. hopefully, she can use a little of that check to buy an alarm clock. no word on when that issue will be out. now, for a broadcast exclusive -- you can come back now. >> i can. >> we can rule that out. >> okay. shall we move on? >> yes. >> all right. this is a broadcast exclusive. the 45th annual cma awards are just four weeks away in nashville. who is going to host? if you thought it was brad paisley and carrie underwood, think again. look at this new promo for the cma awards. >> this is ridiculous. they're making us try out. >> this is just a formality. >> thank you. >> you rocked it.
8:07 am
>> amazing. hey, everybody. game over. >> you can go home now. >> we'll find out who will host the cma awards, wednesday, november 9th, on abc. and the mcrib is back. >> hey, baby. >> mcdonald's corporation announced yesterday, that the bone necessary pork sandwich, barbecue thing, with a cult-like following will be sold at all u.s. locations but only through november 14th. the mcrib, which is dressed with onions, pickle slices and barbecue sauce, is so popular, it has a facebook fan page. we found a mcrib locater remember site. and diane sawyer is tweeting, saying, i only had one mcrib in my life. and i fondly remember it. and i will proudly succumb to another. but why? why? why? >> it's a fun time food.
8:08 am
>> all 140 characters. and finally, speaking of ribs, we want to look at the latest fashion trend -- thank you. cover your eyes. on necklines and navals mingle. showing their mcribs. that's nothing compared to hidely klum, gwen stefani and jan jones. if you're going to take the plunge, cover up your other parts. >> we would never do that. >> no. no. >> and that, by the way, is pop news. i'm sorry. you picked a day when we were a little racy. >> pick a day. >> he's going to come back tomorrow. let's go out to sam with the weather. sam? >> hi, elmo.
8:09 am
i'm just saying. there's an awful lot of one particular subject matter in the pop news index today. an awful lot. we are standing in times square, in what we would like to call our favorite pumpkin patch. some halloween elves have come into times square and decorated. there's ribbons around the corner. it's beautiful. do you like it? >> love it. >> let's get to the boards. in washington, d.c., you're normally 66 degrees. this is more than perfect today at 71 degrees. it's a gorgeous day in d.c. and all the eastern seaboard. look at orlando at 82. new orleans, 78. in the park, we say good morning. from salt lake city, to santa fe, we have one storm system that drops some cold air and big-time mountain snow. even denver is going to get what looks like 6 to 12 inches of a beautiful sunrise over
8:10 am
damascus early this morning. there is some patchy fog and dew on thesome ground. that is burning off quickly with sunshine. 52 in the district. cumberland is cooler at 41. the average today will be mid afternoon, a lot of sunshine, warm or >> lara, i'm being told they would be halloween decorating goblins, not elves. >> good to know. thank you, sam. we're going to clean it up with a look at your "gma morning menu." the biggest hits and misses from the ballroom. carson kressley is live with all of the scoop from backstage. and why maks was so upset. plus, the magic behind elmo. the man who's really pulling the
8:11 am
strings. and a new trend in over-the-top halloween costumes for your kids. just spooky fun? or too much too soon? we'll talk about it coming up on "gma." that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪
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a simpler way to ship. ♪ express yourself ♪ [ female announcer ] your favorite holiday flavors are here. with some new ones to love. ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] introducing new warm cinnamon sugar cookie and brown sugar maple latte. coffee is like the holidays. it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate. from nestle. and now, to "dancing with the stars." the night was broadway. and there was magic in the air and a whole lot more drama. we're going to talk to carson kressley live. that man never sleeps. we're going to look at who sizzled and who fizzled in the ballroom last night. the seven remaining couples gave their regards to broadway.
8:14 am
carson kressley, booted from the ballroom last week, made a special appearance to help with the group dance. but the biggest theatrics of the night came after hope and maks danced the rumba. >> i've been in this business for 50 years. >> maybe you should get out. >> don't be disrespectful like that. >> it's not disrespectful. everybody in that balcony has been dying and killing themselves, to hear you guys -- a little judgmental comments. you know what i mean? >> reporter: and again, after the judges presented their scores. >> i just, you know, with all due respect, this is my show. you know, i help make it what it is. i love every aspect of it. i love every professional that's ever been here. and i love every celebrity who puts effort into every week. having said that, i'm a little tired that we're being judged, some on effort and some being
8:15 am
picked on. >> reporter: "grease" was the word for david arquette. nancy grace had fun with the fox trot. ♪ and the kardashians cheered at rob cha-chaed. tied on the top of the scoreboard, last week's leader, j.r. martinez. ♪ and ricki lake, who returned to the top spot, after slipping down the leaderboard last week. >> you don't need luck if you've got talent. and this number, you proved your talent. >> reporter: the lowest score of the night went to chaz bono, whose tango to "the phantom of the opera" earned him 19 out of 30. >> you need to be a big, menacing bird of prey. >> reporter: tonight, we see who will be voted off and who will dance another week. joining us now, the one, the
8:16 am
only, carson kressley, live in l.a. how tough was it for you to be on the sidelines? it was broadway, baby. you were made for broadway. >> it was torture. it was, you know, you're there. you can't really, like, do any dancing. i was like, wait. i want to rumba. hold on. i'll do it on commercials. no one needs to watch. it was great being there. and it was a really exciting night. >> oh, i know. what are you calling what happened last night? maksgate. >> chmerkovskiygate, is too hard to spell. >> is it justified, what he said to len? >> well, you know, it's the heat of the moment. you work like crazy for, you know, days and days and days. you put in 12 hours a day to put in a great performance. and maybe the judges are a little overcritical. so, you know, he's the bad boy of the show. i think he probably overreacted. but he's maks.
8:17 am
and he's also probably very upset because i'm not on the show anymore. >> that's got to be it, carson. >> i'm just picking up on that. >> how about the idea that the judges are actually grading on a curve? you have a bit of a tougher time. and could you feel that tension in the room? >> you know, i don't because i was the king of getting like sixes and sevens. if i got an eight, i would be delighted. and i think the judges really, you know, do their very, very best to be -- to be fair to everybody. and you know, it's a very personal matter, too. it's so subjective. i didn't love this afghan that hope was wearing. i was like, what was that? >> and the boots, they took issue with that. let's talk about some of the best dances of last night. what did you like, carson? >> the best ones? you know, i think j.r. and karina, and ricki and derek,
8:18 am
have been -- they've been on the top of the leaderboard almost every week. they're so talented. j.r. moves so well. ricki is a really great showman. you know, they were tide last night. i think they both had 29 points each. and they're just really contenders. it could be either one of them that wind up winning the mirrorball trophy. >> and nancy grace gets a nine last night. surprise you? >> i was a little surprised. i mean, she got one nine. but she's been improving every week. and i think, you know, seeing her in more of a comedic format, doing the song from monty python's "spam-a-thought," it was cute. and carrie ann gave her the nine. and she responded to it. >> you were the creative director of the season's first group dance. how did you corral all of them together to do it? >> you know, i surprised them because they all thought i was leaving. and then, i popped in.
8:19 am
and it was really hard managing, you know, all those professionals and all of the stars. i was ready to hand out ritalin smoothies. >> you didn't need one at all, though, right? >> a lot of energy in there. a lot of energy. >> indeed. >> carson, you know, somebody's going to have to go home tonight. who is it going to be? >> you know, i don't know. i do think that, you know, maybe maks hurt hope's chances with his kind of rant. you want to keep it positive and keep people excited. that might send her home. i don't really know. the past couple of weeks it's been kind of the person with the lowe lowe lowest neumaire cal score. >> that was chaz. >> i didn't like the mask.
8:20 am
i was distracted. i didn't watch him dance because the face is offwhite. and it's shiny. i couldn't focus on it. >> we'll see what happens. >> should have taken the mask off earlier. >> yeah. i think you're right there. you are a good sport for staying up or getting up and being with us, carson. thanks a lot. i know you'll be back out there tonight. >> anytime. >> and "dancing with the stars" is back tonight. 9:00, 8:00 central, here on abc. we'll see who is going home. >> let's go to lara right now. do us a favor. get the little guys away from the tv for a few minutes because we're going behind the scenes. way behind the scenes on sesame street. if you ever wondered how elmo manages to be excited and energetic all the time, a new documentary reveals elmo's alter ego. juju chang spent some quality time with elmo. and she got to the bottom of what makes the adorable little guy tick. >> reporter: it's a beautiful secret, lara. we had unprecedented access
8:21 am
behind the scenes. it was like pulling back the curtain on oz. it quickly becomes clear that what makes elmo come to life is not what is on the outside. but the secret source to his personality, on the inside. it's a nondescript bag. but inside, is a creature with the power to mesmerize children the world over. a yard of furry fabric. a little foam. and lots of pda. >> reporter: elmo, how come you like to hug people all the time? >> see? come here. >> reporter: thank you, elmo. >> doesn't that feel nice? >> reporter: it does feel nice. >> that's why elmo likes to hug. >> reporter: elmo has a simple nature. >> what it called? >> elmo's song. >> reporter: a wide range of facial expressions for a furry
8:22 am
monster. >> how about a happy face? how about a mad face? >> reporter: we confronted him about something shocking you might not know about elmo. who is kevin clash? >> who? >> reporter: kevin clash? >> we don't really talk about him. >> reporter: you don't? how come? >> because he's not supposed to be seen. >> reporter: elmo isot who he appears to be. does it freak out children when elmo is a middle-aged black man. >> they don't look at me. >> reporter: elmo is a puppet. and this is master puppeteer, kevin clash. >> you want to meet elmo, you can do that, too. >> reporter: you are elmo that you can't be elmo all the time. it would be weird. >> i couldn't walk around saying, hey, everybody. taxi. >> reporter: are you a big kid at heart? >> yeah. i have a peter pan syndrome. >> reporter: kevin's journey from working-class baltimore to international stardom is chronicled in a new,
8:23 am
award-winning documentary, "being elmo." it delves into kevin's obsession with puppets. you sewed 80 puppets. >> my mom taught me out to sew about 9 or 10. playing with dolls. and my first local television show, that was like cool. >> reporter: and you went on to become a millionaire. >> of course. >> reporter: is that true? did you become a millionaire? >> yeah. >> reporter: not bad for a kid who plays with dolls. >> no. hello. >> reporter: the little red monster who is forever 3 years old, was almost as theed aside. >> that's the first drawings, of elmo. >> reporter: much wider. >> and very small body. that's the first design of him. >> reporter: and elmo made kevin a star. are you ticklish? >> stop. >> reporter: seriously. it's the laugh that launched a
8:24 am
toy phenomenon. at only 18 inches, elmo stands tall in the pantheon of jim henson's muppet creations. look at this. >> all of the eyes. >> reporter: this is funny. noses. >> mustaches. >> reporter: kevin maintains the henson legacy. >> that's what's inside of elmo's arms. beads. >> reporter: perhaps the only regret for a man who has entertained the world's children, is that his own child, after his divorce, felt neglected. she came to you and said, dad, you need to pay attention to me? >> yeah. a child can do that in a second. bring you right back down. >> reporter: yeah. >> and she did. and we're the better for it. >> reporter: and yet, the hours are still long. at public events, kevin makes sure elmo speaks to nearly each and every child. >> knock, knock. >> who is there? >> kangaroo. >> kangaroo who?
8:25 am
>> kangaroo is eating the rhino with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. >> elmo has no idea what she just say. but elmo loves her. >> reporter: elmo loves everyone. can i tell you, run, don't walk, to "being elmo." it just opened in theaters. it's the darling of the film festivals. including at sundance. >> i just asked you, is it appropriate? can we take our kids to see this? >> absolutely. a spoiler alert, above the age of 5, 6, 7. but kids should see it. they'll love it. >> and the secret of elmo's voice. >> kevin only has five voices. and what magic he can do with the five voices. really, what i think, my theory, it's the unconditional love of the -- >> will you stop talking about kevin. la, la, la. kevin, kevin. la, la, la. >> sorry, elmo. >> thank you.
8:26 am
>> let's talk halloween really quick. what are you going to be? >> a pumpkin. >> a pumpkin. perfect. >> not a real pumpkin. that would be sticky. >> it would be yucky. >> i'm going to go trick or treating with you. i'll bet you get good loot. >> but guess what. elmo gave up his pacifier. so, starting november 28th, elmo's going to team you to put down the pacifier. >> how did you do it? >> elmo did it. for one week, elmo will have gifts to help every kid give up the pacifier when they're ready. >> that's awesome. that's a big deal. congratulations. >> i'm a big boy. yay. >> congratulations on the pacifier. juju, great job. >> thank you. >> check out the movie. >> don't talk about kevin again. >> it's all about you, elmo.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning to you. the time is it a clause 27 of tuesday scientist to theered a medical crisis at area.wall is now in our she arrived at dulles airport night. several weekske and weather conditions rescue.her she is now being treated at johns hopkins in baltimore. newschannel 8 will have an in- depth report coming up in a few minutes. d.c. mayor vincent gray will day.ising money to will be a special guest at the subway on the southern war of 4:00 p.m. where he will money for breast cancer
8:28 am
awareness here is a check on the road. we had a truck fire taken davidsonville at 424. eastbound traffic is flowing out manassas and we still of a long ride. no accidents from springfield on the left is northbound 95. you get a feel for the pace. across the american legion bridge. metro rail is a normal service. a beautiful day today with bright sunshine and temperatures in the 40's. 52 degrees in the district. with of sunshine today 60's and addedd more but warmer, and rain onees cooler fridayuch with highs innd
8:29 am
chancend another saturday. we will have another update at 8:56.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ our house you know that song. move that bus, live. we have joined forces with "extreme makeover: home edition" in joplin, missouri. that town hit so hard by tornadoes. >> we'll show you how the new home is coming along that will help our family build a new life. and tomorrow, the big reveal. those three, magical words, move that bus. >> terrific. and coming up right now, we have recipes for the sweetest halloween ever. we have spooky marshmallow ghosts. and other treats that your kids will love. and you will, too. first, george.
8:31 am
>> part of our countdown to halloween. we also are going to have more on costumes. yesterday, we show yod uh the dangers of costumes that can catch on fire. today, is a debate over whether some of the costumes are out there for young kids. and andrea canning is here with that. >> reporter: good morning, george. even costumes for kids as young as 2 are staing to look like something a grown-up night wear. and we thought it was just too sexy, too soon. parents are talking about too gory too soon, depicting some of the most violent characters for young boys. forget ghosts and goblins. this halloween, the scariest thing for parents may be what your kids are wearing. >> the only person that costume scares is me. >> reporter: it's just a costume. like haley's risque cat, in terse, or other theresa on "modern family."
8:32 am
>> i will pay you to put on more clothes. >> reporter: what was cute, has now become is a salacious, with halter tops, and bare midriffs. one of the biggest sellers this year, mattel's precocious monster costume. we found some of the costumes for tweens and little girls this year. they sell this for children as young as 5. appropriate or appropriate? >> fine. >> i don't love it. >> give them a lot of options. >> i think it's too risque. i'm conservative, sorry. >> i we we're programmed, to overthink, overanalyze. >> reporter: it's not just revealing outfits parents are talking about. it's also how gory some costumes have become, with kids taking a cue from "the texas chain saw
8:33 am
massacre." >> in the movie, the creature took the skin off his victims and created his own mask. >> reporter: this is for a 5-year-old. terrifying looks like this zombie doctor costume inspired joel to create the website, tooscarycostu >> i believe they come where such things are normal. an their standards for what's inappropriate and what's wrong, in their values, i think starts to dip. >> reporter: he says if children are too young to see horror movies, they shouldn't be allowed to wear the costumes, either. >> dressing yourself up in that costume, becoming that character, and assuming the role of someone who kills, maims, tortures, across the spectrum, i have to think has an effect. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. at ricki's, the costume shop in
8:34 am
new york, they say it's all a game of dressup. would you think of taking them off the shelf? >> it's harmless. when i was a kid, i wanted to be a ghost, a monster, a frankenstein. it's something that's different that they don't do every day. and it's time to express themselves. >> reporter: we reached out to mattel for a statement about the monster high costumes. they say girls see the monster high for the fun that they are. they speak to a universal truth. everyone has days when they feel like a monster. and they do not fit in. and here is my 2-year-old, anna. >> hi, anna. >> i know this doesn't bother you. >> that is you. >> this is the kind of thing, i think, personally, as a mom, is starting young opinion you have the corset, the fingerless gloves, the devil.
8:35 am
>> anna wants a close-up. >> but she looks cute. it's not huge. something you have to keep an eye on, right? >> and she's only 2. it's hard to make any costume look risque when you're 2. >> is this charlie sheen? >> that is one of the top-selling costumes for this year. the charlie sheen mask. >> you don't like charlie sheen? >> my old buddy, charlie sheen. >> he's going to tweet that. >> does it look anything like him? >> not really. you want mommy to take that off? >> you want to wear it. >> i want to see it. >> all right. get a lot more information on our website. now, let's go outside to sam and the weather. >> by the way. good morning, everybody. as lara said, we have the whole trick or treat screen set up. there won't be m&ms left. twitter pictures from sanibel
8:36 am
island. how are you? nice to see you. come here. >> am i going to do the weather? >> do you want to? >> yes. >> let's get to the maps and carla will help us out. show you the cold air dropping into the middle of the country. you go to the hand movements. i love that you went to the hand movements. denver dropping with the temperatures, as well. there comes the coastal fog in the southwest. and it's been a big issue this year. you could see carla's fog. it's beautiful up and down the eastern seaboard. where we are right now. and 52 atlege park reagan national airport. 66 this afternoon so it is late october temperatures. warmer tomorrow and >> all that weather is brought to you by coffee mate. now -- >> back to george. >> well done. thank you.
8:37 am
coming up, we're gearing up to say three, magic words. move that bus.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
we didn't quite hear you, ty. now, we're counting down to the big event in joplin, missouri, where thanks to our dear friends at "extreme makeover: home edition," a neighborhood torn apart by that devastating tornado a few months ago, is being rebuilt. you were there last week. >> and josh and i threw in hours after that tornado hit that town. it's something you don't wish on anyone. losing your home in a natural disaster like that. imagine, just adding that one-quarter of your town, also gone. and completely unrecognizable. and you're beginning to think that things will never get back to normal. but, aha. here comes the team from "extreme makeover." for the past nine seasons, "extreme makeover: home edition" has been proving that sometimes all it takes is three, little words, to change a family's life
8:41 am
forever. this is what makes the move that bus moment, so special. >> their life is transformed. it is all captured in a simple moment. >> that's why "gma" decided to team up with our friends at "extreme makeover: home edition," as they take on their biggest project yet. seven homes in seven days. for seven families who lost everything in last may's tornado, in joplin, missouri. when the tornado struck, kyle howard was a firefighter, working as a first responder. as the hours ticked by, he didn't know the fate of his wife, jill, and their four, young boys, who were riding out the storm at home. he learned his family had managed to survive by hiding in the only part of the house still standing, a partial closet. >> good morning, howard family.
8:42 am
>> reporter: we decided to surprise the howards live, on "gma," with a very special door knock. good morning, everybody. and here's a sneak peek of what happened when the other six families received an early-morning wake-up call. this past weekend, all seven families were treated to an all-expense-paid vacation to disney world. the first time for the howards. while they're away, 10,000 volunteers, 18 buildings and a few extremely talented designers have joined forces. >> each house has a different design concept and style. this one is eco-friendly. that is a beach-style house. the one on the end is a cabin cottage look. >> reporter: we can't show you or the howards the house for tomorrow, but grandma and grandpa has gotten a sneak peek. >> it's just beautiful. and the fact that the
8:43 am
firefighters are working on it is very important to kyle. >> reporter: each of the zen houses has an unusual but very welcome feature, a storm shelter. >> you hunker down. wait for the storm to pass. and you all come out safe. >> reporter: just a week ago, this area was an empty lot, bulldozed after the tornado. just look at what a difference six days can make. and you ain't seen nothing yet. tomorrow, the moment we've all been waiting for. >> 8,000 people lost their homes. we're starting with seven. we're hoping that brings the fire of joplin back. >> reporter: the only question that remains, how to find a big enough bus to hide all seven buses. >> it doesn't cover anything up. we don't know how we're going to do it. >> reporter: join us, as we listen to an entire town cry out those three, magic words. >> move that bus. >> reporter: and with it, the biggest move that bus event in "extreme makeover: home edition"
8:44 am
history, right here on "gma." do not miss that moment. now, robin, i have to show you a picture. and i think this sums up the spirit. this is in "gma's" "your week in three words" format. this is about rebuilding joplin together. they're there at their own expense. there's about 10,000 volunteers. and everybody in joplin is volunteering. and it's like bringing back a neighborhood. it's not just one throughout. and they're going to have porches, michael said. >> to give you a feeling you're in a neighborhood. these people loved each other. and they're there to support each other. and they spend time with each other. it's one of the things in america that you want to see more of. also for other families, all of these homes, the blueprints, the plans for all these homes, will be made available so other people can use them to rebuild. >> that's fantastic.
8:45 am
you touched on it. you've been going back several times since the tornadoes. they come back here to times square. so resilient. the fact they're getting this help is immeasurable. >> it's something we can all learn about community. it's something you can get more of. and they have plenty of it. >> a big enough bus? we'll find out. you can see more great makeover reactions, on yahoo! be sure to watch this friday. coming up, tasty treats for
8:46 am
8:47 am
all right. we are counting down to halloween. it's less than a week away. we all love the treats that are associated with this haunted holiday. because of that, our pal, carla hall, is here to show us
8:48 am
delicious homemade confections you can make with your kids, with stuff that's in your pantry. that's what's great about this. >> exactly. >> you don't have to go to a shop. you have most of the ingredients in your house. >> i'm starting out with a little bit of butter. we all know rice krispies treats. we're making goalish marshmallow ghosts. i'm making it with chocolate milk. i'm adding some powder chocolate. powdered milk. and then -- mix in that. >> and instead of rice krispi krispies -- >> you can put in any type of cereal. that's why we have all of the cereals here. dump it and mix it. >> and if i were to continually -- hello, josh. i had a feeling he was here. >> are you digging in already?
8:49 am
>> the man has never met a meal he didn't like. we mix it up. and then, it becomes that. >> it becomes that. we're going to take it. >> and this is a fun thing to do with your kids. i've done this. 7-year-olds, and 9-year-olds. >> you want a little ball. >> i'm going a little bigger. >> i make it myself. this is me. >> orange eyes. >> i'm making it, too. this is a ghost, everybody. >> this is your ghost. >> it's a little like a meatball. >> you stick a stick in it and put it in a bag. how easy is that? >> how easy is that? you like rice krispies treats? you'll love the one-eyed monster. let's move on. >> "the chew" is your hollywood headquarters. >> you guys have great recipes. really accessible. i'm a working mom. you guys have it. >> we tell you what you can do with what you have.
8:50 am
and this is hallow week for us. >> can we talk about the -- >> the choo choo cluster. chocolate and peanuts and marshmallow and caramel. marshmallow fluff and peanuts. >> easy. and josh is helping elmo decorate cupcakes. you don't need to make them from scratch. >> no. you make your box cake, some icing. and then, let the kids decorate themselves. are you having fun decorating your cupcakes? look at you. that is amazing. look at you. >> candy corn freaks me out. >> it does? >> yeah. i can't quite figure out what it is or what it's supposed to be. >> elmo, what's your favorite?
8:51 am
>> elmo's cupcake. look at that. >> i like your cupcake. it's beautiful. >> it's a hand full of froot loops. see that? >> beautiful. from everything from cereal to marshmallows to candy corn, to m&ms. >> the thing is, take what you have. take the cereal you have. even adult cereal, and turn it into a kids' treat. >> yay. >> great to hand out. >> yeah. >> get in there. >> and you, included. >> this is like the tasting portion of "the chew." and dig in. >> do we know what we're being for halloween? no clue? elmo is going to be a pumpkin. >> yes. >> get in there. >> check out our website on on yahoo! and of course, check out "the
8:52 am
chew." >> thank you, everybody. >> weekdays at 1:00 eastern. we'll be right back. [ mom ] hey guys.
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[ cheers and applause ] right there, is elmo, jamming, yeah. not with just anybody, elmo. that's elvis costello. what was it like to meet him? >> he was so cool. and we got to sing with him and cookie monster, too. >> we're going to see that coming up, right? >> yeah, baby, yeah. >> you're only 3. how did you learn to play the guitar so fast? >> i'm very talented. >> what other talents do you have, elmo? >> i play the violin, too. >> do you speak languages?
8:56 am
>> bonn jar. >> what's her name? >> sarina. >> elmo is proud of you. >> every time. every time. >> it's wonderful. >> did you have a good time today, elmo? >> yeah. >> we had fun having you. >> thank you, elmo. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> yeah. "good morning america." >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning at 8:56.
8:57 am
a new speed camera program in prince george's county is tickets.g thousands of started september 20 involves 14 cameras. since then, the county has met than 13,000 citations. it totals $527,000. the d.c. and federal governments are teaming up to veterans find jobs at a job today in southeast d.c.. take place from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.. here is lisa baden with a look at the roads. we had a couple of tough spots this morning. 66 to get out of rosslyn across bridge and we will of traffic inture because of a track -- side and the other avenue at 17th street. we'll take you to the american
8:58 am
legion bridge. for this time of traffic out of maryland lining up to cross over the toll road. outnothing but sunshine now and 52 degrees in the district. pretty uniform temperatures in the upper 40's and a lower 50's. a lot of sunshine today and pleasant conditions. temperatures are average for this time of year. ther 0 we will increase cloud cover and it will be near 70. the best chance to bring this wednesday night through thursday cooler, made 50's, through the weekend. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
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